5k: Monza in Corsa Clothes: 1965 Corvair Monza Convertible

Sometimes we get lucky and life presents us with choices which are in black and white, but most of the time we live in the dog-eat-dog world where its all varying shades of gray, just like those stippled portraits in the NYTimes and this White/Black 1965 Corvair Monza convertible in Tumtum, WA which is currently offered on Ebay with a required opening bid of  $4,400 but no bids in play, with just one day left to run. This car’s white/black color combination and generally decent appearance isn’t enough to overcome its elements of gray which seem to be keeping the bidders away; making it ripe for a DT pick.

The seller is pretty forthright noting that they acquired the car at an estate sale and have only owned it for a short while, but more to the point, they correctly offer it up as a Monza, even though it has features associated with a Corsa. (DT free tip of the day: try the decodethis webiste).

The interior looks very well kept with the Corsa style full instrumentation dash and a telescoping faux wood, two spoke steering wheel. While it would have benefited from a thorough vacuuming, it looks pretty nice with its camera case finish on the dash.

There are enough high resolutions of the underside to indicate that the car has not suffered the ravages of the tin worm that never sleeps. The seller comments that this car has not been driven much in recent years, which may explain the dripping of some oil, which is typical with cars that don’t get enough exercise. While there is a slight amount of rust on the wheel arches it appears to be quite minimal.  The deluxe wire wheel covers are nice, but its the 4 carb 140 hp engine which is what makes this a desirable ‘Vair.

In short, there’s no telling where they have the reserve set, but with just one day left to go on a high color Corvair Convertible and no bids in play, this may be one of those instances where its worth striking up enough of a conversation with the seller to get good contact information for after the auction closes without the reserve having been met.  There are nicer Corvairs out there, but for the right $ this can be a total buy, if the seller’s wife is through with his days of speculating on cars at estate sales!

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