5k: Million Window Van: 1969 Dodge A100 Sportsman

Type 2 owners wander around Volkswagen car shows comparing window counts like frat-boys measure their Johnsons at the annual house inspection.  “Mine has 12 windows and 4 of them hinge on the outside,” “My Type 2 has 18 windows and more roaches than a Woodstock port-a-loo.” et cetera.  End the debate with this legitimately sweet V8 powered van that has more windows than you can shake a stick at, 25 to be precise.  Find this 1969 Dodge A100 Sportsman for sale in Eugene, OR currently bidding at $4,150 via ebay.

The A100 was a series of compact truck/van/pickups from Dodge with a commercial style cab-over setup to maximize usable space.  The layout is technically mid-engined, but don’t expect race car performance unless it is Bill “Maverick” Golden’s Little Red Wagon capable of running 3/4 mile wheel-stands.

The engine under the floor that is trying to asphyxiate you to death like Jack Kevorkian’s Mercitron isn’t an air cooled flat four, but a 318 cubic inch Chrysler V8, rated at 160 horsepower when new or lots more with a decent rebuild and a few performance parts.

Inside this A100 has been outfitted for cargo use, odd given that it’s been the recipient of a Corey Cruiser motor home style conversion.  This thing needs a few seats or a mattress or something in the back because if you use it to haul cargo, scumbags will break your $500 windows to get at $0.50 worth of junk.

This A100 is a serious project, but is being offered at a fraction of the going rate for a similarly porthole equipped Type 2 van found on the open market.  The major bonus being that this van will actually be able to keep up with modern traffic and could be terrifying with a few grand thrown at the motor.

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