5k: Midget Trucker: 1983 Dodge Rampage

The Dodge Rampage was a short lived (1982-1984) sub-compact sport utility pickup based on the Dodge Omni/Charger/Horizon/Turismo/Scamp platform.  It isn’t exactly a car that will get you a front row parking spot at a club in Beverly Hills, but it’ll get lots of attention at central California Cars & Coffee.  Find this 1983 Dodge Rampage here on craigslist, offered for $6,300 in Escalon, CA.

Unfortunately, the Rampage never got the Shelby treatment like its Omni and Charger cousins, and the little ute you see here is powered by a wheezy 2.2 liter inline-4 rated at 96 horsepower.  Even with the 5-speed manual gearbox it is going to be slow — and power goes to the front wheels, so don’t expect it to be fun in the turns either. 

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