5k: Meh-Be: 1961 Ford Econoline Pickup with 5.3 V8

Update 7/11/2014 –– This car is back up for sale from ebay seller  classiccarliquidators, who according to ebay records purchased it for $4,500 and is now offering it back up for sale.  Currently the bidding is at $3,759 reserve-not-met and it is located in Sherman, TX — find it here.  Assume the new reserve is at least $5000 to account for the cost of shipping…possibly more if the seller thinks he has hit gold.

Originally posted June 4th, 2014:

The Ford Econoline was introduced in 1961 as a competitor to Chevy’s
Corvair Greenbrier and Volkswagen’s Type 2 (Van), but was also available as a pickup.  Ford’s offering
(based on the Falcon chassis) wasn’t some wacky air-cooled rear engined
setup and instead was configured like a miniature cab-over truck. Power from the available inline-6 engines isn’t very impressive, so owners tend to swap V8s into the under-elbow engine compartment.  Find this 1961 Ford Econoline Pickup with 5.3 V8 currently bidding for$1,825 reserve-not-met with $6,500 buy-it-now with 3 days to go, located in Kansas City, MO.

This Ford is now powered by a Chevy 5.3 liter Vortec V8, but it is a pretty rusty truck offered for cheap, so you can’t really complain about the choice of engines for the swap.  The 5.3 Vortec probably makes around 295 horsepower stock, maybe a few more with some tuning and exhaust/intake work. We’ve “heard tell” that stock 5.3s tend to dyno around 300 hp at the wheels once uncorked with decent headers. Regardless, it should make the Econoline into a serious burnout machine with all that negative weight in the back…

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