5k: Manual Wagon: 2000 BMW 528iT E39

The E39 BMW 5-series was sold from 1997 to 2003 for the North American market.  The selection of engine/transmission & suspension parts was an evolution from the outgoing E34 5er, but the classy styling was one of the last pre-Bangle designs and penned by Tokyo born Joji Nagashima.  Find this 2000 BMW 528iT wagon for sale in Burke, VA for $6,000 via bimmerforums.com

The E39 was available in 5-door wagon trim starting in 1999 and was available with inline 6-cyl or V8 power.  Unfortunately the V8 was not available with a clutch pedal; if you wanted to shift your own gears you needed to get the lower power engine.  The 5-speed Touring wagon version was sold in limited quantities but makes a cool family car today.

The E39 with 5-speed manual was mated to a 2.8 liter six making 193 horsepower and 206 ft-lbs of torque.  It isn’t all bad in 6-cyl E39 world as the V8 powered versions were saddled with the old E34 generation steering box setup fit for a Mack truck. The rack and pinion was reserved for cars with the more svelte inline engines only.

This one looks to be in great shape for the price and seems to be wearing E46 3er wheels – although the seller doesn’t specify.

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