5k: Low Mile Original: 1983 Nissan Pulsar Sedan

We continue the day of the living 3500 by focusing on cars that cost around 35 benjamins and this next car falls closer to the cool piece of crap than the crappy cool car.  But, how often do you find a mint condition for this cheap?  Find this 1983 Nissan Pulsar Sedan offered here on craigslist for $3450 in Nashville, TN.

The N12 generation Nissan Pulsar was available in several flavors in North America.  The cooler version was the pop-up headlight 2-door NX version, but this minty clean example is a grandpa spec 4-door sedan equipped with Elmo skin interior.

The  engine under the hood is probably a 1.6 liter E16S engine good for 70 horsepower, but mated to a 3-speed automatic it will be sleepy slow to drive around.  It should return decent fuel economy. 

The interior is really well preserved compared to 99% of the wasted pulsars you  see littering craigslist, probably because those cars were the least bit interesting to drive.

See another 5-door future classic something for around $3500?  tips@dailyturismo.com