5k: Loony Laborbaker: 1949 Studebaker Built On S-10 Chassis

The first Labor Day was celebrated on a grey Tuesday in 1882.  It was the work
of a New York City Labor Union flexing its muscles and sticking it to the man
Similar celebrations occur all over the world but in the form of
pre-summer May Day celebrations, but here in the US of A, the Man was anxious to not
allow this sort of nonsense to blossom into full scale riots, so he
usurped the holiday and created a national Labor Day holiday.  You can
read a dry rendition written by the Man himself on the Department of Labor (thanks to Hank for the new link!!) website, but what you should really check out is this next Loony Labor Day feature, a 1949 Studebaker built on S10 chassis currently bidding for $8,078 reserve-not-met on eBay, located in Upton, MA with a few hours to go.

A quick glance at this thing identifies it as a Studebaker from the front, but what in the Serena Williams is going on out back? Upon further investigation it is revealed that this was a 1988 Chevy S-10 pickup that has been modified to look like a Studebaker.  It looks like there is at least one individual who can answer the question; Just how many cases of Sam Adams Oktoberfest beer do you have to consume before you decide your pickup would make a good Studebaker? 

This is nothing inherently wrong with a Chevy S-10 pickup, in fact, it is great at pickup tasks — such as launching loose detritus from the bed onto the freeway during rush hour, fishtailing in the snow or getting Herculiner on your hootus.   Unfortunately, once you cover the pickup truck bed in fauxebaker sheet metal, you suddenly have a car that drives like a pickup, but cannot haul 85 cans of empty propane.  What is the point? Is it smog exempt like a classic or will you need to convince your local smog technician that it is an S-10 every time you need to renew the plates?

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