5k: Loony Labor Day El Camino 2-Fer-1: 1984 Ford Mustang Truck & 1983 BMW Truck

A cold breeze rustles falling leaves and garages all across the snow belt are prepared for the winter hibernation.  Who knows what sort of thing will emerge from the chrysalis when spring thaw arrives. Don’t have a project ready for your empty garage space?  Don’t fret, because DT has a double feature ready for your needs as our final Loony Labor Day segment. Find this 1984 Ford Mustang Truck & 1983 BMW Truck offered for an undisclosed price from a seller in Hamilton, OH via craigslist.  Tip from Derrick.

I guess if you are going to create one custom El Camino style vehicle, it might become a regular occurrence.  Building custom El Caminos is like eating Pringles, once you hack, you can’t step back!

The Mustang is a long hood, short rear end 2+2, so it seems like a poor choice for El Caminoization …but…the bed looks remarkably large and usable.  Looks like a 1980’s representation of the Falcon Ranchero.

The BMW started as a simple 320i, but it has been chopped up and is now a pickup (it looks like a removable tonneau style cover…or maybe an extended trunk) and is powered by a Ford 302 with 9-inch solid axle rear end. 

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