5k: Looks Sporty: 1977 TVR 2500M

The TVR M-series was a fiberglass body / steel frame coupe, built in Blackpool, UK from 1972 to 1979.  The US market 2500M used an inline six borrowed from the Triumph TR6 and at least it looks the part of a fun sports car.  Find this 1977 TVR 2500M for sale in Easthampton, MA currently bidding on ebay for $5,850 reserve-not-met with 1 day to go.

The 2500M looks the part of a proper ’70s British sports car – it sits low, has NACA ducts on the hood and has great long hood, short rear proportions.   This one is being sold as a recently discovered barn find, but it doesn’t look like the barn was filled with chickens or any other car-destroying animals. 

The Triumph 2.5 liter I-6 is good for 106 horsepower and 133 ft-lbs of torque.  Power isn’t great, but given the M’s 2200 lb curb weight, the performance stats of 0-60 mph in 9 seconds don’t sound too bad. 

Inside this TVR still doesn’t look like the average “barn” find, and while it probably needs some mechanical restoration (brakes, carb, rubber parts) at least the interior looks drivable for a while as is.

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