5k: Long Wheelballer: 1999 Mercedes-Benz S600 V12 W140

The mighty W140 Mercedes-Benz S-class was the last of the over-engineered Benzes with a reported development cost of $1 billion.  The W140 introduced the world to features like double pane window glazing (regularly and erroneously reported as bulletproof) and motorized closing doors/boot latch.  When new the S600 could cost in excess of $140k but today costs as much as a used Honda.  Find this 1999 Mercedes-Benz S600 V12 W140 for sale in Chandler, AZ for $6,200 via craigslist.  Tip from Matthew V.

It is hard to argue with a 4900 lb sedan powered by a V12 engine for less than 7 grand, even if it will cost you a few grand each time you need to visit a mechanic.  This one looks good for 116k miles on the odometer and should last another 100k miles if properly maintained.  As a bonus, there is no way you will lose $136k in depreciation like the original owner would have by now.

The S600 is powered by the M120, a 6.0 liter V12 that pumps out 389 horsepower and 420 ft-lbs of torque.  DT commenter Peter McL put it perfectly when he commented on a previous S600 feature: “As with all older MB cars, these
600 V12 cars are entirely repairable/maintainable by a competent owner.
If you need the dealer or even an indie to do all your wrench spinning,
this is not the car for you.”

The interior looks a bit stained/worn, but the size of the back seat is crazy and this isn’t even the long wheelbase version.  You could do worse for a long distance 150 mph cruiser that scoots to 60 mph in less than 6 seconds.

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