5k: Long Name, Long SUV: 1974 Chevrolet Suburban Cheyenne Super 20 Trailering Special

In the holiday spirit, Daily Turismo would now like to suggest that you go out and buy a classic truck or SUV immediately…in order to haul all of the crap your wife (or other domestic partner) just bought over to the in-law’s house for distribution to various ingrate relatives. There’s the great aunt with dementia and her cigar-smoking wisecracking curmudgeon husband, the redneck cousin who shows up in his RV with wife, kids and Rottweiler, the douchebag stylish running-suit-wearing couple next door….wait, that was National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation…it’s getting hard to distinguish reality from fiction in our eggnog fueled holiday haze. Regardless, check out this super clean and very reasonably priced family truckster, the interminably named and oh-so ’70s Chevrolet Suburban Cheyenne Super 20 Trailering Special! Find it here on ebay in St. Louis, MO with zero bids so far and a reasonable $5k Buy it Now price.

The seller claims this big boy is all original except for the wheels, which were sourced to replace some failing aluminum aftermarket items. Frankly we are glad that it’s sporting OE rolling stock, even if they may not be the original style for a ’74 ‘burb. If it were ours, we’d find some white steelies and chrome bowtie dog dish hubcaps to restore some of the vintage ambiance.

This thing is so long it needs a wide-angle lens and 20 feet of parking lot just to fit in one picture…seriously, these old Suburbans were much bigger than the car based crossovers (really just tall wagons) and wiener-SUVs that serve as family haulers these days. However, they aren’t any bigger than a current fullsize crew cab pickup, which many people still use as daily drivers. So while the Sierra Club fanatics may scowl, it’s not outside of reason for occasional use, family hauling, and towing duties.

We love the original mustard yellow and white two-tone paint job, complete with thin chrome trim, massive bumpers and yachtlike roof rack. This particular suburban has the fold-down tailgate with power window, which needs to be rolled down prior to using the gate. Not as convenient as the ambulance door option but it makes for a cleaner look from the rear and unobstructed view through the mirror. It’s easy for us to picture a couple of loaded tackle boxes and fishing poles in the back, a tin of Skoal on the front seat and long-sleeved plaid shirts for everyone. Those shirts are back in style now – so the Suburban should fit right in to the latest Old Navy ad.

The dashboard wears a veneer of GM’s finest Simu-Wood circa 1974, and frankly we wouldn’t have it any other way. The two-spoke steering wheel and door panels are similarly bewooded. The steel lower dash section and sextet of round gauges lend the interior a decidedly vintage appeal; we’d never see bare steel in an interior or individual gauges these days. The interior looks remarkably clean, and with three wide vinyl bench seats there’s plenty of room for the wife, Rusty, Audrey, that department store hottie you’ve been fantasizing about, and the dog too.

Under the hood is a massive lump of Detroit cast iron, in the form of a big-block 454 cubic inch (7.4 liter) V8 putting out a smog-choked 270 hp and 380 lb-ft of torque. After a tuneup and removal of the archaic Malaise-era emissions equipment, this may actually start to feel like the gigantic engine that it is. The three speed automatic transmission should be the standard Turbo-Hydra-Matic 400, if the claim about matching numbers is true. With functional front and rear air conditioning, and a claimed 109k miles, there should be plenty of comfortable highway hauling life left in this big ‘burb – maybe not an everyday Daily Turismo – but let’s call it a potential Weekly Haulrismo in great shape with ten tons of ’70s style.

Find a bigger, better, nicer, or cheaper family haluer for the holidays? Email us here: tips@dailyturismo.com