5k: Legendary: 1994 Acura Legend 6-spd

In 1986 Honda released the Legend to a hungry public via its newly unveiled Acura dealership network.  The Legend was the top of the line for Acura and featured a longitudinally mounted V6 mated to the front wheels and shared development of its platform with the Rover 800 and Sterling 825.  Acura was nice enough to offer a manual transmission version and the only one to get is the second generation coupe with the Type II V6 and 6-speed gearbox.  Find this 1994 Acura Legend 6-spd for sale in Fremont, CA for $4,200 via craigslist.

The Legend won’t get you any second looks on the street – in fact it is styled quite nicely to avoid the attention of the boys in blue or anyone who’s not a complete Acuraphile.  The paint on this one looks suspect, but for the current asking price it probably makes a better winter beater than show winner.

The Legend is powered by a 3.2 liter C32A5 Type II dual-overhead-cam, north/south mounted V6 mated the front wheels via a 6-speed DIY gearbox.  Expect 230 horsepower and 206 ft-lbs of torque – healthy performance figures for a car from 1994, especially one with front wheel drive.

The interior of this Legend hasn’t fared well over the years; most surfaces look pretty boogered up and the seats are torn, but you won’t feel bad about letting your kids eat inside this thing. 

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