5k: Left For A Hoe: 1972 Chevy El Camino

We at the Daily Turismo are strong believers in the Joker’s axiom to “never rub another man’s rhubarb” –in this case we are referring to his most prized possession, a classic car under restoration.  However, we are equally so opportunists and cheapskates to the bone, so we have a hard time passing up a good deal..but what if that deal comes with a potential to get a crescent wrench used to give you a basal skull fracture.  Find this 1972 (it might even be a 68/69) Chevrolet El Camino for sale in Santa Clara, CA for $6,000 from the angry ex-wife via craigslist.  Tip from Kaibeezy.

 The seller of this El Camino originally listed the car as a 1978 and in her own words: “Husband left for a hoe, yes thats what i said he said i could sell the car.”  We don’t have any reason to not believe the ladies story, but we do have to wonder if she has keys, signed title or the steering wheel.  No matter, this one will need a proper inspection and evaluation from a Camino expert in person before putting any cash down..but the price seems really low.

The photos don’t include anything from under the hood, but in the inside we see some aftermarket gauges, a quick release steering wheel and some aftermarket seats.  The oddest description from the seller is that she says it has ‘no radiator, just a big cool system.’  No exactly sure what this means…but it may mean you need to tow it home.

The paint (that hasn’t been scratched up by cat paws) looks decent in the photos and overall this car looks surprisingly clean for the price…the only part that isn’t clean is the ex-husband who may or may not agree to the fire sale of his baby.  So this is a bit like picking up a drug tycoons pimped out at a police auction, sure you will get a great deal, but you may also get shot later.

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