5k: Last of the Bigguns; 1996 Buick Roadmaster Estate Wagon

1996 was the last of Buick’s storied breed of Estate Wagons.  Highly sought after by those recognizing that they are a much more comfortable option than relying on full sized pickup or full sized SUV…. for towing your car to the track!  This 1996 Buick Roadmaster Estate Wagon one is being offered on ebay at no reserve, by a dealer in Huntingdon Valley, PA – currently bidding at $6,001 with 3 days to go.

This particular car is a super rare find because it has only 56,000 original miles on its clock.  If you’re even thinking about bidding on this car, bid all you think its worth; because these low mileage examples are highly coveted by a small, loyal, almost cult-like group of fans, who tend to use sniping as their favorite means of snagging a deal.  Look for the bidding to escalate in the final minutes.

 As can bee seen from the pictures below, the venerable 5.7 LT1 lies hardly used under the hood, where it seems to have been reasonably sheltered from harsh snow removal chemicals used in the Northeast.

The interior shows that the car has been well maintained, with all the goodies that were available in 1996.  Power door locks and an almost 5000 lb curb weight clearly put this car in the Zombie Proof category.

Seating is for 8, which makes it a great option for the standard full sized SUV, but the ride quality is definitely the legendary Buick-boulevard-float! The Vista Roof has its quintessential sunshades in place, but beware, the use of these vista roofs can conjure up frequent flashbacks of traveling by a Scenicruiser bus!

 The 3rd seat is easily accessed by the dual action tailgate that operates like a door, when the rear window is lifted.  This sea is best occupied by recalcitrant mid-teens who want nothing to do with their parents anyway!

The only sign of unusual wear that we spotted in this ad was the front tires which showed heavier wear on their outside tread bars which might have indicated that they used to live on the back of the car and that the occasional ‘demonstration of excessive acceleration potential’ might have been employed a time or two.

It’s big and it’s a boat, but if you can find a better, modern,  haulin’ wagon with an LT1

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