5k: Landau? Try Depends: 1989 Ford LTD Crown Victoria, Minty Clean

In 1982 Ford split the LTD sedan into two models, the mid-sized LTD on the Fox platform, and the full-sized LTD Crown Victoria. The Crown Vic remained a body-on-frame Panther platform behemoth powered by Ford Windsor V8s. To add further confusion, the top of the line LTD Crown Victoria was originally called the LTD Landau and Crown Victoria was just a decor package typified by the big chrome band that ran from B-pillar to B-pillar over the roof like a ‘crown.’  Find this 1989 Ford Crown Victoria LTD for sale in Shawsville, VA currently bidding on ebay for $3,603 reserve-not-met with a 4 days to go.

This is a minty clean Ford LTD Crown Victoria LX with only 43k miles on the odometer and it looks like it just rolled off the showroom floor.  The seller in this auction is an expert at car presentation and aside from the ALL-CAPS, FANCY COLORS, HUGE FONT, and lack of any appreciable details on the vehicle history (original owner(s), rebuilds, receipts proving odo reading, repaint?)…it is a great ad with Ansel Adams quality photos and will probably fetch top dollar if the reserve isn’t astronomical.

This LTD is equipped with Ford’s legendary Windsor 5.0 liter fuel-injected V8.  The realities of smog regulations meant that it only put out 150 horsepower when new…but additional ponies are at your fingertips with all manner of camshaft, throttle body, fuel injector, etc modifications ready to turn this Panther into a man-eater.  But would you really want to pimp out this cream puff? 

In its typical junkyard setting, the 80s interior looks dated and lame, but in this showroom clean example it looks sorta rad and we could image enjoying sitting in it.  We also like the fact that it uses a front bench seat with column shifter…sure its not ‘sporty,’ but there is nothing sporty about a 99% of the new cars on the market and the bench seat gives you seating for 6.  Bring back the bench seat!!

The vinyl top on this one is described as a Landau top by many, but it is technically more of a “half-full” top since it extends past the C-pillars, halfway up the roof like a bad receding hairline. The traditional Landau top covers only the rear 1/3 of the roof and stops just forward of the C-pillar. This faux convertible vibe was an attempt to evoke a classic Landaulet type car wherein the high-class politician/dictator passengers could enjoy the sun and fresh air and wave to the proletariat masses, but the chauffeur was confined to the enclosed front of the cabin, hidden from view. Today the only Landau style vinyl tops you’ll see on new cars are aftermarket add-ons bought by blue haired grannies who don’t remember the Landaulet classics, but are stuck in the classy days when fake luxury was available straight from the factory.

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