5k: Ja Makin Me Crazy: 1958 Fiberfab Jamaican

The Jamaican was another quasi home-built kit-car from Bud Goodwin’s Fiberfab, makers of the fabulous Aztec, and fantastic Banshee. According to sales literature, the Jamaican used a donor chassis from a Austin-Healey, Triumph TR, MGA or VW to roll its Ferrari-esq shape around.  Find this 1958 Fiberfab Jamaican project offered for $4,500 in Pleasant View, TN via craigslist.  Tip from Richard.

This Jamaican is offered in a project condition, but it isn’t as bad as this example that was being sold via youtube for $1,000 last year.   The Jamaican is offered as an uncompleted roller, but a Ford 289 V8, transmission and driveshaft for connecting to the narrowed 8-inch rear end is included.

The trickiest part of completing this kit is going to be finishing off the interior.  Who knows if/how you’ll be able to get many of the pieces or if you’ll just need to open your wallet to some local custom interior shop. 

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