5k: It Still Runs? 1989 Peugeot 405 M1i16

The Peugeot 405 was a Pininfarina designed sedan from the French automaker Peugeot S.A., built from 1987 through 1997.  Actually, they still make a halal version of the 405 in Iran and Egypt for local consumption, but the car was replaced by the 406 in Europe and by the early 1990s the entire Peugeot lineup was pulled from the US market.  Find this 1989 Peugeot 405 mi16 for sale in Berkeley, CA for $3,000 via craigslist.  Tip from Chris D.

The Mi16 version was the sportiest of the 405 lineup, a condition similar to having the best complexion of your leper colony.  It is never bad to be the best at something, but when the competition is a front drive French-built family sedan..ehh…you get the picture.  Oddly enough, the Citroën BX sister car to the 405 was actually good looking, with its grill-less front hood/bumper and sweet shooting brake rear end. 

The 405 Mi16 is powered by a 1.9 liter fuel injected DOHC all-alloy inline-4 that puts out 150 horsepower in North American trim.  This one is shifted via the 5-speed gearbox and for the era, it isn’t a horribly slow car and should keep pace with anything from Volkswagen or Honda.  Reliability will certainly be a big question mark, but at least this isn’t a 1960s built French car.

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