5k: The IS Factor: 1987 BMW 325is

If you believe all the hype, the BMW E30 generation 3-series is a fantastic automobile for the gearhead on a budget.  It isn’t the fastest vehicle on the road but it offers a great combination of handling, ruggedness and style that should keep you entertained until you can afford a depreciated E90/92 335i.  Find this 1987 BMW 325is offered for $7700 CAD ($6,192 USD) in Vancouver, BC, Canada.  Tip from Arlow.

The E30 generation BMW 3-series was a successful yuppy-mobile when new
and has generated a significant cult following as a cheap, fun &
reliable sports sedan.  BMW built almost 2.5 million E30s from 1982-1994
in coupe, sedan, estate & convertible trim — but finding a stock & un-stanced version is getting harder these days.  The “is” version was as sporty as you can get without stepping up to the monstrously price inflated E30 M3. 

Power comes from a 2.5 liter M20B26 inline-6 that was rated at 168 horsepower from the factory and it pushes those happy ponies into a 5-speed manual gearbox and out into an optional limited slip differential (it was part of a “winter” package designed for snowy pars of the country and no word from the seller if this car is so equipped).  The seller mentions that he is clearing out his E30 collection and there are two other cars with similar locations and advert style — here and here.

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