5k: Idus Martiae: 1973 Volvo 1800 ES Project

Happy Sunday to all readers out there, hope your Ides of March is going well. Your local high priest should be preparing to sacrifice a sheep to Jupiter at midday, but in the meantime you can celebrate the assassination of the ancient Roman version of Hitler (Mr. Gaius Julius Caesar) by checking out this 1973 Volvo 1800 ES Project offered here on eBay bidding for $325 reserve-not-met with $4,500 buy-it-now, located in San Antonio, TX.  Tip from Rene C.

The seller does a great job with the opening photo showing a decent looking 1800ES (the ES was an updated wagon version of the original P1800/1800/1800S and only sold in 1972 & 1973 model years)…but there is a surprise when you dig a bit deeper.

The top image must have been from 2012 when the car was complete, because now it has been stripped down to a bare shell and torn apart like a chocolate bunny at a Weight Watchers celebration.

The B-20 4-banger has been stripped down and rebuilt with larger valves, and covered in a coat of red paint.  With something like $12,000 invested, this looks like a steal at $4,500. But some assembly may be required.

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