5k: Ice Racer: 1966 Volvo 121 Amazon

The Volvo 121/122S/123GT was first introduced in 1956 as the Volvo Amason, named after the female Greek warriors in legends.  However, a small German motorcycle company owned the rights to the name and negotiated with Volvo to change the name to Amazon and only use it in Sweden — the rest of the world it would be called the 121.   Regardless, the Amazon turned out to be a solidly built classic that was used for family transporation by generations of Swedes, the 121 was used by lots of other folks for mundane tasks, but this one was turned into an ice racer.  Find this 1966 Volvo 121 Amazon offered for $3,999 buy-it-now on ebay in Copenhagen, Denmark with 5 days to go.

As a side note, that small German motorcycle company (Kreidler) is long out of business and Volvo is now owned by Zhejiang Geely Holding Group, so it is safe to call your 121/122S/123GT an Amazon without fear of lawsuits.  This car started life as a lowly 121 base model but is now wearing some mean looking snow tires and powered by a fully worked over B18 “race” engine.

The seller states that this is a  Volvo Amazon 121 ice track racer from nothern Sweden. The car has a heavily tuned B18B engine with a weber DVGA and an R-cam. There has probably been done some work to the head too, the compression is about 9,5 on all cylinders. The car is low geared ad has a J type overdrive, and I am quite sure it has a locking differential too as it makes wheel spin on both wheels. The car doesnt have a lot of power at low rpm, but pulls hard above 3000.

The biggest problem with this car is that it is located in Denmark…well…that is a problem for those of us on this side of the pond…anyone in Europe read this site?  tips@dailyturismo.com