5k: Horrorod: 1988 Mercury Cougar, Witch Edition

Who doesn’t spend all year looking forward to the wonderful month of October? The leaves start to change colors and fall to the ground. The sweet smell of ash from burning piles tingles the nose.  Kids start to plan Halloween costumes, spooky decorations appear everywhere and…the Daily Turismo starts to find some of the most bizarre cars for sale for your amusement.  Find this 1988 Mercury Cougar for sale in Rutland, VT for $3,000 via craigslist.

Mercury never produced a factory “Witch” edition, but if they had, it would have looked a bit like this.  An orange pinstripe runs up/down the full length of the body and a witch riding on a broom is outlined with an orange stylized representation of the moon.  This Cougar is fitted with a Ford 302 cubic inch V8 that would have originally put out a pathetic 155 horsepower.  With any luck the recent engine rebuilt includes an increased compression ratio and some improved breathing on the intake/exhaust.

We’d like to say the interior looks good but…is that a miniature coffin arm rest?  Who builds these things??? Spider web print on the door cards, a giant T-handle shifter resembling a medieval torture device, and black sheepskin (goatskin?) seat covers round out the interior. Did we just say that?

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