5k: Happy Thorsgiving: 1963 Volvo L3314 Laplander Military 4×4

We at the Daily Turismo are sick of letting the Pilgrims get all the glory for the Thanksgiving long weekend celebration.  While all the “conventional historians” talk about Columbus discovering America and Pilgrims eating some silly lunch with Native Americans, we are surprised how few people know the real story of the first Thorsgiving.  It was a balmy Thursday circa 1000 ad when Leifr (son of Thjóðhildr and Erik the Red) landed in modern day Newfoundland and met up with a group of strangely dressed Pan-Asiatic nomads.  These “natives” and the viking ate a feast of lingonberry jam on pheasant and afterwards shared an ancient sketchbook to Leifr.  The book has been long lost in history, but to this day Leifr’s descendants swear it contained crude drawings of V4 powered dog-sleds, 2-stroke engines with centrifugal couplings, boxy ox-carts, plans for underpowered 4X4 military vehicles and well….lots of nekkid people. Unconventional historians say that this chance meeting (aka the first Thorsgiving) led to a lineage that bred cars such as this 1963 Volvo L3314 Laplander Military 4×4 for sale in Auburn, CA for $7,500 via craigslist.  Thanks to the multiple tippers who sent this in, but Andrew MC was first!

Were the strange nomads simply a myth made up by Erickson’s descendants or some sort of intergalactic time/space travelers ensuring the success of Scandinavia’s auto industry some 1000 years later?  The truth is we’ll never know, but each Thorsgiving we raise our goblets to the air and chant the familiar toasts to those dirty picture-drawing nomads.  “Chaq ngev QujmeH mIn moQ Hoch ghotvaD nIvbogh.” 

Happy Thorsgiving and stop surfing the web and spend some time with your family.