5k: Grocery Getter: 1999 Land Rover Range Rover

The Vespa is great for heading off to your nearest coffee shop or meeting friends to get some eyebrow threading done, but sometimes you need something to haul a load of organic vegetables home from Whole (In Your Wallet) Foods. For that you need this 1999 Range Rover offered for $2,000 in SF Valley, CA via craigslist.

The seller is nice enough to include a very thorough description of the car because his (her?) camera phone must have broken after the first picture.   Entire contents of the ad as follows:

coilovers ladder bars 454 big block (4 bolt main) rebuilt about 35 miles
ago port&polish heads Demon 850 carb aluminum dual plane intake
manifold mild cam electric fuel pump electric fan aluminum radiator
brand new sparco seats zenon headlights, painless wiring harness CPP
upper and lower control arms headers 3 inch exhaust aluminum fuel cell
Pro built ford 9 inch rear

Looks like a winner to me, but is this a good car for a poor college student?

See a better automatic transmission equipped grocery getter? tips@dailyturismo.com