5k: Grand Theft Anonymous: 1987 Renault GTA 2.0L engine, 5 Speed

Two Renault Alliance listed in one week – heads are gonna roll, keyboards are going to be smashed, SOMEBODY has to answer to this.  Whoa, calm down, this isn’t a slow boat to nowhere convertible version, this is the sweet GTA (Grand Theft AWESOME) version and is the best thing to be exported from France since lady liberty herself crossed the ocean blue.  Find this 1987 Renault Alliance GTA 5spd for sale in Burlington, WI.  Go there for the cheese, stay for the GTA.

Clad in all-white like a Kirkland Court Classic tennis sneaker, this GTA is mad tight.  G.  T.  A.  That says it all.  Renault is French for ‘pisses on Volkswagen’ and the GTA was Renault liftin’ its leg on the GTI.

As we all know, the standard Alliance was a sweet ride, but the GTA added a sport suspension, ground effects styled by Zender of West Germany, sweet wheel covers and a screaming 2.0 liter inline-4 that pounds 95 horses into the pavement via a 5spd close ratio gearbox attached to one of the front wheels (you pick which wheel man, it don’t matter).  0-60 mph is obliterated in 10.2 seconds, leaving milk trucks, sleeping cabbies, diesel Rabbits and all kinds of other illest vehicles in your wake.  G.  T.  A.

Comfort is a thing of the past as you sit in the maddest, tightest, illest, sport seats available from Avignon.  That’s in France.  Recaros be feelin like Rock-aros after your backside gets a taste of the grey throne in this…G….T…A.

This Renault is located miles from the old AMC HQ in Kenosha, WI – where this baby got its green card to start prowlin the streets of the USA.  The OG Renault 9 spent enough time showing Peugeots, Opels, and Citroens who’s the boss and in 1987 it was exported to the land of the free, but born again in a suit of glittering white like Gandalf Greyhame after his fight with the Balrog.  Now a new age has been born and the GTA will rule the streets with fastness and furiousness.  G. T. A.

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