5k: German Bruiser: 2001 BMW 540i 6-Speed

 The BMW e39 generation 5-series stands out in the world of fast used executive sized luxury sedans.  On one side are older 80s/90s cars that are starting to become classics, but lack amenities and speed you’ve come to expect with modern cars.  On the other side are 21st century designed cars with enough electronics to get the meanest hacker a headache, potentially devastating repair bills, and prices inflated with the siren song of shiny newness. The good news is that the unwashed masses haven’t figured out yet that the prices for a properly optioned E39 are great, and the post facelift (2000+) examples still look newish.  Find this 2001 BMW 540i 6-Speed offered for $4,995 somewhere in Rhode Island via craigslist. Tip from Art C.

This is my favorite kind of craigslist seller (seriously, not joking this time) because he (she?) includes a number of blurry photos, and a low asking price.  This isn’t someone who wants to spend a bunch of time to get top dollar for his car, he just wants to sell it quickly and will probably take the first offer he gets.  Great, because I love BMWs with 4.4 liter V8s pushing 291 horsepower and 340 ft-lbs of torque into a 6-speed gearbox for the cost of your average beat-to-death Civic (still not joking).  

See another slightly used 540i 6-speed for less? tips@dailyturismo.com