5k: George Jetson’s Ride: 1960 Edsel Ranger Hardtop

 For three exciting years in the late 1950s Ford manufactured futuristic looking cars under the Edsel nameplate.  Tipper Rene C writes: What would George Jetson drive?  Better than a Starliner.  Imagine how this could be resto-modded.  The last Edsel model to ride off the Louisville, KY manufacturing plant assembly line was a Edsel Ranger, like this one.  Find this 1960 Edsel Ranger Hardtop currently bidding for $6,800 reserve-not-met with with 5 days to go in Roseburg, OR.

Although this ’60 Edsel is a base model with few redeeming qualities (aside from being one of a few built), it does really look like something George Jetson would drive. 
By 1960 the Edsel stylists had gotten away from the “horse collar” grille that made early
cars so distinctive, whereas this has a more standard looking front
which they traded for an oddball rear taillight arrangement. 
Appropriately this was the swan song Edsel… it didn’t go out with a
bang.. it just left the stage…

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