5k: Garage Or Street? 1994 Toyota Pickup

Just how old does a car need to get before it be priced as a classic?  Older Toyota Pickup (Hilux) models have seen some appreciation recently, but a high mile pickup from the 90s is still a workhorse unworthy of a collectors garage…right?  Find this 1994 Toyota Pickup offered here at a Toyota of Fort Worth, TX for $3,482. 

There are two schools of thought on this car; the first is that it is well used (250k mile) pickup that might cost big bucks any day now — the second is that this is soon to be a classic and offered for 1/2 of what you’d pay for an older Hilux in similar condition.  

As seen on oppositelock.  See another modern classic for cheap?  tips@dailyturismo.com