5k: Front Wheel Peeler: 1998 Buick Riviera

 The Buick Riviera was born in 1963 as a handsome and
successful pillarless hardtop coupe from GM.  The old gal soldiered on for years and eventually made the switch from
rear to front wheel drive early for a full sized coupe and lasted until
its 8th generation (1999) before being sent to the glue factory for
good.  But, the last generation Riviera offers a strangely appealing package for a very basic price.  Find this 1998 Buick Riviera currently bidding for $6,500 with 1 day to go, here on eBay, located in Orange, CA.

This 8th generation Riviera was the launch vehicle for GM’s new G-body platform (GMX690), which was based on Cadillac’s K-body architecture and lasted until 2011 when it was superseded by the Eurocentric GM Epsilon platform.  The William L Porter designed coupe marked the end of an era for GM’s big luxury 2-doors and is sorta cool to see on the road today.  This one has 20k miles on the odo and is probably the nicest one for sale…cheap too!

The 8th generation Riviera is powered by a supercharged
version of GM’s legendary 3800 pushrod V6 – displacing 3.8 liters and
cast in iron, the Buick version was labeled L67 and uses an Eaton Gen
III M90 roots supercharger to increase the NA 205 horsepower up to 225
horsepower…disappointing on paper, but the additional 50 ft-lbs of
torque at low RPM creates the noticeable result of front wheel peel.

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