5k: Free Delivery: 1963 Pontiac Catalina

 DT Editor Vince: This next feature comes as a tip from Rich, who penned a detailed analysis of the car that is included here in its entirety:  While wasting my time, I encountered what might be a well-priced
bit of American iron courtesy of Southern California craigslist: 1963 Pontiac Catalina coupe offered for $3,995 delivered!

has 4 8-lug wheels; if they’re not knockoffs, or beat beyond repair, a
buyer who strikes out with the car might come close to making the $3995
purchase price there. It has a potentially salvageable Trophy v-8,
definitely not original if it’s a 455, but interesting anyway. And I
have never, ever, seen a GM B-body with a louvered hood, what’s up with

Other details are less wonderful, like
the jumbled wires and the surface rust. The seller’s command to revive
its poor bondo’d ass might not be that easy to follow. But you have some
choices, unlike the typical starting point: “LOL Rare Muscle Car ran
when parked no rust!!! $10k no tire kickers or joyriders!” (Best when
it’s not running)

There’s gotta be somebody who could get something out of this one.


DT: Big thanks to Rich for making this one easy.  If you’ve got a car, or a car and a few words, send it in here: tips@dailyturismo.com