5k Flash: Classic Tank: 1971 BMW 2500 E3

Before the BMW 5 and 7 series dotted the used automotive luxury sedan market like cornfields in Iowa, there was a medium sized sedan from BMW internally called the New Six.  In the US the car was known as the Bavaria, but in Europe they were badged based on engine size for the ultimate ‘mine is bigger than yours’ parking lot contest.  Find this 1971 BMW 2500 E3 sedan for sale in Reutlingen, Deutschland for 2,800 EUR ($3,650 at the time of publishing) via mobile.de.

This 2500 looks in good shape for the asking price, but the costs of running a classic car in Europe may cause the market to be drastically different from the USA.

 The 2.5 liter inline-6 cylinder engine makes 148 horsepower.

 Interior looks nice, and as you would expect from a European market car, it has a manual transmission.

This 2500 looks like a great deal, and it makes us wonder how much it would cost to ship/import it to the USA?

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