5k Flash: 1990 Toyota 4Runner w/SBC V8

The Toyota 4Runner is a well known vehicle for people with off road needs added to city commuting.  In 1990 the 2nd generation 4Runner offered a medium sized package, excellent 4WD capability and a refined ride – add impeccable reliability the today used examples are much more desirable than similar condition Explorers and other competitors.  If your off-road requirements are more important than the on-road demeanor, consider picking up a highly modified example like this 1990 Toyota 4Runner w/ small block chevy V8 located in Portland, OR for $7000 via craigslist.

This 4Runner is tackling some seriously snowy conditions and we assume with ease given the level modifications on this 37inch tire equipped monster.

The stock Toyota V6 has been replaced with a throttle body injection equipped Chevy V8 – expect to pick up lots of power and torque in exchange for a drop in fuel economy.

Serious rock crawling gears installed in Dana 60 axles finish this build.

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