5k Flash: 1989 Jeep Cherokee; Cherokeemino!

In 1984 the XJ generation Jeep Cherokee set the standard for a new era of compact sport utility vehicles (SUVs).  Other manufacturers were surprised by success of the AMC designed unibody off-roader and scrambled to develop all manner of copycats.  This 1989 Jeep Cherokee has been given a custom Cherokeemino rear end treatment and is for sale in a snowy part of Idaho for $3,999 buy-it-now on ebay.

 The already rugged Cherokee has been lifted 3 inches and rides on some large “Wild Country” truck tires.

The back of this Cherokee has been given a HMMWV military look – complete with black ops decals and a police style light bar.

This Cherokee has the upgraded leather interior and likely kept a Suburban housewife very happy on trips to soccer practice for 200k miles before it was turned into a beast by the current owner.

If your Zombie Apocalypse budget is only $4k, we think this Cherokeemino would be a good way to go. It may have been more useful as a light duty pickup if its builder gave it a tailgate though; why not graft one in from the bed of the XJ’s pickup cousin, the Comanche?

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