5k Flash: 1964 Lincoln Continental Project; Some Assy Required

The 4th generation slab-sided Lincoln Continental is an automotive icon – famous for its roll in the Kennedy assassination as it is for its trademark suicide doors long before it was used as a getaway car in the Matrix.  Produced from 1960-1969, today it is a hipster’s dream car and well kept or restored examples trade well above $20k, so its surprising and nice to see one for DT prices.  We are happy to give a quick glimpse of this 1964 Lincoln Continental hardtop project for sale in Los Angeles, CA for $3500 via craigslist.

It looks like the pictures are taken in some kind of post-apocalyptic world with minimalist green lighting…

How did they find the one rainy day out of a year of sunshine in SoCal to take photos?  Amazing!

Hey- the camera works during the day!  Seats need attention.

More issues in the back, missing tail light covers, rusty bumper?  Is this too much of a project?  Here is a white 1965 Conti currently bidding on ebay for $761 with 6 days to go.

Your choice: Black or white?

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