5k: Finders Keepers: 1972 Volvo 1800ES

Every once in a while a craigslist ad appears that seems too good to be true – usually in the form of a minty clean Unicorn car for a great price.  This is one of them.  Find this 1972 Volvo 1800ES for sale in San Antonio, TX for $3500 via craigslist.  Unfortunately the seller does not include a single photograph of this classic so we are using a scanned brochure from autoevolution.com below.

The Volvo 1800ES is a regular feature on the pages of DT, mostly because they are cool looking and indestructible classics with a simple price tag.   Check out this link for a list of all the 1800ES examples we’ve listed recently and note that none of them are nearly as cheap as this example.  The biggest question when photos are not provided is what is the seller trying to hide – be sure to budget for a good PPI or a thorough in person inspection on this one.

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