5k: Fatty: 1987 Chrysler Conquest

 The Mitsubishi Starion/Dodge Conquest/Plymouth Conquest/Chrysler Conquest
was a line of rear-driven sports coupes built in the 80s by Mitsubishi in Japan.  The Dodge/Plymouth/Chrysler versions were just a light re-badge to trick “domestic only” buyers into picking up something from the land of the rising sun. The guise worked and quite a few of the Dodge/Chrysler versions were sold and the future of Chrysler/Mitsubishi motors eventually gave birth to Diamond Star Motors (DSM).  Find this 1987 Chrysler Conquest offered for $5,000 in Wausau, WI via craigslist.  Tip from Pushrod.

 It was the Japanese
version of a pony car and combined a turbocharged
front engine, manual trans, rear wheel drive and limited slip
differentials for classic fun.  Contrary to popular belief the name Starion was not an Engrish
mispronunciation of Stallion, but it is a contraction of the words Star
of Orion.

Under the hood of this wide body (fatty) Conquest is a  2.6 liter inline-4 cylinder engine, turbocharged and intercooled to produce 176 horsepower in TSi trim. 

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