5k: Fastback To Happiness: 1970 Triumph GT6+ Mk II

 In the early 60’s Triumph commissioned Turin born designer Giovanni Michelotti to create a fastback shape for their perky little Spitfire convertible.  The resulting concept was sexy, stunning, and slippery — attributes which helped it a factory backed Spitfire GT6 to win its class in the 1965 24 Hrs of LeMans.  Today, a nice running GT6 doesn’t cost much to own and a low wreck-to-whip ratio means you should buy the best one you can find…like this 1970 Triumph GT6+ currently bidding for $7,651 here on eBay with reserve-not-met, located in San Diego, CA with 2 days to go.

Michelotti was the designer for the BMW 1600/2002 New Class, most of Triumphs 60’s cars,
and number of full sized trucks for DAF & Scammell before he hit
the big time and starting working for Italian firms like Ferrari, Lancia
and Maserati.  The GT6 is a well proportioned car from any angle and rare enough that you’ll be chased down by all sorts of wackos (who want to know if it is a Ferrari..seriously, ask any GT6 owner, they’ll have all kinds of stories).

You aren’t going to have much luck getting away from those wackos in a straight line, because the GT6 is powered by Triumph’s over-head valve inline-6 that displaces
2.0 liters and puts out 104 horsepower. The GT6 isn’t a fast car in today’s
overpowered minivan traffic, but it was fast in comparison to the small
displacement inline-4 powered Triumphs, Austins and MGs of the day.

Fortunately, you’ll be able to put some distance on the paparazzi in the turns because the  2,000 lb 2-seater will handle nicely in the turns…well…at least it feels like it handles well.  The GT6 offers a thrilling old school driving experience with lots of mechanical thrashiness, wonky swing-spring rear end dynamic camber changes (watch out Ralph Nader!), and you can reach your arm out the window and touch the pavement. 

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Updated per user comments on Mk II nomenclature!!