5k: Fairmontchero: 1981 Ford Durango

The Ford Durango was a coach built continuation of a Ranchero style pickup for the Fox platform.  It was converted to El Camino configuration by National Coach Corporation in Los Angeles and started life as a Fairmont Futura coupe.  The Durango is one of a few pickups to incorporate the tail lights and license plate into the tailgate – making it illegal to drive around with the tailgate down.  Find this 1981 Ford Durango for sale in  Akron, OH currently bidding on ebay for $4,235 reserve-not-met with a 2 days to go.

This Durango features a sun faded paint job, but is offered as an original un-restored vehicle — a much preferred configuration to an amateur restoration.  The current seller says he purchased it for a work/hobby truck and it looks like a great fit for light parts hauling duties.

The engine is a 3.3 liter Thriftpower inline-6, good for about 100 horsepower and mated to a 3-speed automatic transmission, both have been rebuilt at least once according to the seller.

Ford only made a handful (200ish) of these Durangos, and we take notice when they appear because the rarity to price ratio is great.

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