5k: Exempt: 1982 Volvo 240 Diesel Wagon: Chevy 355ci V8

For some strange reason the biannual smog check requirements in California do not apply to pre-1998 diesel powered cars.  So, the smoggiest, most oil belching piles on the road don’t need to be tested…probably because they’d ruin the exhaust gas analyzers at every smog station. Whatever the reason, it is a boon for power hungry lunatics because those diesel title vehicles can be equipped with all manner of carburetor equipped de-catted high octane fueled power plants.  Find this 1982 Volvo 240 diesel wagon equipped with a 355 cubic inch Chevy V8 and auto trans for sale in Laughlin, NV currently bidding on ebay for $4,500 reserve-not-met with 8 days to go.  Tip from Scot and Frederic.

The V8 powered Volvo wagon is no stranger to the pages of the Daily Turismo and this one looks like a great sleeper example, with only a set of Volvo “Virgo” turbo wheels and a lowering springs to warn others.   The automatic transmission should keep the bidding down, but for reference the Yoshifab 940 test car with Gen III LS1, 6spd manual and diesel title has been popping up on ebay for the past 6 months from the dealer in Ohio who purchased the car for about $10k and each time reserve is not met.  This Gen I small block/slushbox equipped 240 version should go for much less.

Few details are given about the small block Chevy engine, but it is safe
to assume something around 350 horsepower from the setup.  Even mated to the slushbox auto trans this thing should be a great family hauler and grocery getter; just be sure to keep a low profile as cops will give drivers of beige Volvos tickets for stupid stuff just as quickly as F-bodies. 

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