5k: E21 Baur Targa: 1983 BMW 320

 The E21 Baur Targa was the closest the Germans ever came to building a mechanical mullet (Monday morning in the front, Friday night out back), and featured a
folding soft top in the back and a targa-style soft roof above the
driver/passenger.  The result is convertible fun in the sun while
retaining chassis rigidity and safety by keeping an intact B-pillar roll
hoop.  The Baur Targa cars came from a time when BMW didn’t offer the 3
Series in drop top and the modifications were done by Karosserie Baur
when new, maintaining a factory BMW warranty.  Find this 1983 BMW 320 E21 Baur Targa offered for $3,999 in Lithonia, GA.  Tip from Boomer.

The Baur Targa version of the E21 3 Series uses the same M20 inline-6
cylinder engine as the standard 3er; in fact the 4500 E21 Baurs all
started life as simple 3 Series before they were modified.  This particular Baur is offered with a seized engine and “SOME RUST HERE AND THERE” (ALLCAPS are seller’s, not mine).

 The top needs some reconditioning…ehhh….who am I kidding, this thing is a total wreck, but if you want a cheap Baur for a project, this fits the bill.

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