5k: Drive It Like You Hate It: 1967 Volvo 122S Amazon with SR20DET

The SR20DET was an SR series, 2.0 liter, dual-overhead cam, electronic fuel injected and turbocharged engine from Nissan that was used in the Pulsar, Silvia, Bluebird, 180SX, Sunny, etc.  The SR20DET was never officially imported for the US market, but many engines have come in grey market, used or built from scratch in all sorts of hot rods.  I’ve never seen one in a Volvo before – but a small turbo-4 seems to make more sense than some big heavy domestic V8 and fits with Volvo’s later turbocharged product lines.  Find this 1967 Volvo 122S Amazon with SR20DET for sale in Rancho Cordova, CA for $6,500 via craigslist.

The Volvo Amazon is a slow but cool looking classic in original condition – but this one has seen a number of modifications.  Under hood the original B-series 4-banger and 4-speed manual were removed and have been replaced with a Nissan SR20DET and 5-speed manual.  The SR20DET makes anywhere from 201-245 horsepower stock, but when opened up a bit it will easily crack 300 horsepower.  

It seems odd that the seller doesn’t include a single engine bay photo, as most buyers will want to see what the swap looks like.  The single interior photo shows a fair condition interior, but it will need a headliner and some sportier seats if you are going to take advantage of that engine.

The Amazon has had a recently paint job, and while it looks okay in the photos, a thorough in person inspection is always needed with “new” paint.

Enjoy this vintage Volvo advertisement on youtube and learn how to “drive it like you hate it.”

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