5k: Dolomite Power: 1976 Triumph TR7

The wedge shaped Triumph TR7 was the last gasp of the flailing British Leyland Motor Corp.  The TR7 was billed as “The Shape of Things to Come” – which was apt as
British Leyland’s sales followed an sharp angle…directly into the ground.  The TR7 styling was penned by Harris Mann (known for his Austin Allegro and Princess work) and it really looks good when covered in vintage racing livery.  Find this 1976 Triumph TR7 for sale in Cedar Crest, NM currently bidding for $2,055 on ebay with 2 days to go.

This TR7 was (according to the seller) prepared for autocross use by a  Lee Bryan of Albuquerque, NM.  Apparently, autocrossing in New Mexico requires the installation of an awesome vintage 70s rally paint scheme.  This thing looks just like one of the cars that John Buffum used to sweep three North America rally titles as well as the NARRA/Montgomery Ward Auto Club manufacturer’s title.  It just needs a set of 4 Cibie fog lights mounted to the front.

The TR7 has had its stock engine removed and is now powered by dual-overhead-cam 2.0 liter engine pulled from a Triumph Dolomite Sprint.  The Dolomite engine was rated at 127 horsepower stock, but this one has an aftermarket camshaft and a few other performance parts that should put it in the 150-160hp range.

The interior of the TR7 exudes a classic 70s British charm, and doesn’t look too horrible in the single photo provided.  The ad itself is a bit sparse on information, so any bidders should certainly have a nice chat with the seller before plunking any cash down.

See a better way to pretend you are a 70s rally star without risking life/limb?  tips@dailyturismo.com