5k: Dites- Moi Pourquoi? 1998 Subaru Legacy GT Berline

The Rogers and Hammerstein musical South Pacific is a tale of war, international flings and racial prejudice.  It ends with an uplifting scene in which the protagonist (a woman named Nellie) has overcome her racial issues related to her boyfriend’s half-Polynesian children and she joins them in singing a children’s song in French that goes something like: “Dites-moi Pourquoi,
La vie est belle, Dites-moi Porquoi, La vie est gai… Est-ce que…Parce que…
Vous m’aimez?” which translates roughly to “Tell me why, life is beautiful, tell me why, life is gay…is it…because…you love me?”  Today we have a French-Canadian owned Subaru Legacy GT Berline with 300,000 kilometers (these are some kind of European equivalent of miles and by our best calculation accounting for latitude/longitude, is roughly 2 million miles) and we think we can convince you to throw aside your prejudices and learn to love this beautiful wagon.  Find this 1998 Subaru Legacy GT Berline for sale in Montréal, QC, Canada for $1,900 CDN (~$1900 USD) via kijiji.ca.

The second generation Subaru Legacy was available as a sedan or wagon and sold from 1995-1999.  The french word Berline translates to sedan, and it was assembled in Japan or Lafayette, Indiana.  This example is equipped with a 5-speed manual transmission and…well…bare with us as we translate some French based on two years of middle school French classes.

From the seller: “le moteur est un EJ25D(moteur du japon)DOCH” – the engine is a EJ25D (made in Japan), a 2.5 liter dual-over-head-cam flat-4 that puts out 165 horsepower and 162 ft-lbs of torque.  This engine has been rebuilt 151,000 kilometers ago (this translates to roughly the distance between the earth and the moon), which is a good thing because early EJ25D engines have a known faulty head gasket issue that should have been fixed in the rebuild.

More French words from the seller: “toute les seals sur le moteur,gasket,timing belt,pomp a eau,oxygen sensor neuf”.  All the seals have been euthanized (this is Canada where seal hunting is legal and required for yearly citizenship renewal).  The seller has also replaced some gaskets, an ear pump and nine oxygen sensors.  

The seller continues his description: “Il y a une toute petite fuite d’exhaust (desous le moteur) mais rien de serieux” which translates as: There is a small fruit in the exhaust pipe (after the motor) but it isn’t serious.   We hope that we’ve managed to convince you that this French-Canadian Legacy is just getting broken in at 300k kilometers and you should put aside your prejudice against high mileage Subarus and enjoy the ride.  Porquoi? Vous allez l’adorer.

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