5k: Detective’s Sleeper: 1995 Chevrolet Caprice LT4 Power

The forth generation Chevrolet Caprice was used by Police departments for so many years that they still evoke a brake check from random motorists.  The 1994-96 Caprice was powered by Chevrolet’s fantastic LT1 V8, but today’s example has been given an even bigger injection of horsepower.  Find this 1995 Chevrolet Caprice offered for $6,500 in Beatrice, NE.

The Caprice, with its 260 horsepower V8 isn’t exactly slow when new, but it isn’t a fast car either.  Today’s example falls squarely in the quick category because it has more money under the hood than the current asking price.

Power comes from a 5.7 liter LT4 (actually an LT1 with LT4 heads) V8 that is worked over with a hot cam, roller rockers, cold air intake, headers, big throttle body, big MAF, MSD ignition… basically the works.  The seller estimates the specs at 425 horsepower and over $20k invested.

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