5k: Crew Cabtastic: 1978 Volkswagen Bus Custom Transporter

Ever see a car that is oddly well executed, despite how badly it could’ve turned out given
its mission statement?  This next feature could be described at the world’s largest crew cab pickup or a shorty bus with a bed…whatever you call it, it came out really well given the humble beginning as a crushed bus.  Find this 1978 Volkswagen Bus Custom Transporter currently bidding for $3,250 reserve-not-met, located in Rapid City, SD via eBay.

is one hell of a large crew cab. The bed seems pretty small but maybe
useful for hauling engines, firewood, parts of other deceased VWs, sheep, etc.  The story goes that a building fell on this Bus and caused damage to the roof that the seller decided to fix with some customization.  The detail work around the rear window is well done and even features an opening rear hatch.

The 2.0L fuel injected Type IV engine is really not bad at all for a VW flat-4.  It is reasonably peppy in town and
out on the open road. The general consensus around the DT “office” is that the drivability of a ’77-’78 2.0 Bus is great unless you encounter 40+mph Oklahoma wind gusts.  The seller is one the right track with his bumper sticker:  “I know, a Porsche motor bolts right in.”

Anybody else notice the custom fishing pole holders in the ceiling?