5k: Corvette Power: 1987 Pontiac Fiero V8

The Pontiac Fiero started life as a pretty crappy car, but got a little bit better each year.  In the first year of production (1984) it was powered by the anemic iron duke 4-banger, but the following year a healthy V6 joined the ranks.  In 1986 the handsome fastback (sailback) GT was added, and a 5-speed manual replaced the earlier car’s 4-speed.  1988 saw the introduction of a revised suspension setup that finally gave the mid-engined coupe proper handling…and then…just when things were getting interesting…the Fiero was killed.  Find this 1987 Fiero GM V8 Swap offered for $5,500 in Lincoln, NE via craigslist.

It wasn’t the first of GM’s platforms to get unceremoniously axed just when it was properly sorted (Corvair, G8, Solstice/Sky, Eldorado, Cosworth Vega, Alero (yeah, the Alero — an Oldsmobile rental car that didn’t handle like a rental car), Allante, etc) and it won’t be the last.  It was the only mid-engined production vehicle to come from General Motors and the only affordable mid-engine car to come from any US OEM.

This Fiero has a 350 cubic inch small block Chevy V8 mounted transversely in the original engine compartment, a tight squeeze that will require minor repositioning of the accessories, and some Tom Brady football style deflation.  The 300+ horsepower and 300+ ft-lbs of torque will be a welcome addition to the Fiero.

The interior of a Fiero features more plastic than a Manhattan Beach nightclub, but stuff seems to last for decades if you keep it out of the sun. 

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