5k: A Clockwork Orange: 1983 Dodge Ram Van

The Stanley Kubrick directed A Clockwork Orange (1971) is a disturbing and thought-provoking film about violence and rehabilitation with a sublime classical soundtrack.  The basic premise is that a psychopath commits all kinds of horrible violent crimes, is locked up and subjected to a torture/therapy and is cured…but not really cured.  Anyway, the movie may be a classic, but why anyone would create a “Clockwork Orange” van (complete with a bed in the back) is completely lost on us.  Find this 1983 Dodge Ram Van custom for sale in Etowah, TN currenlty bidding on ebay for $4,051 reserve-not-met.

Run away.  Run away screaming because maybe someone will hear you before cockney droogs beat and rape you.  Even if the builder/seller of this car is a genuinely nice guy and is offering free candy there is no way you should ever get inside or close enough to be hit on the head with a walking stick.

And the bed in the back?  Seriously?  No one is going to think it is cool or romantic, they are just going to hit you with a taser and dial 911.

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