5k: Cheap Roundie: 1970 BMW 2002

The supply of cheap BMW 2002 roundies is just about gone, dried up like tears from a cowboy who lost his horse but found a pickup truck.  It probably won’t be long before the entire market has “pulled a 911” and even the crappiest examples demand real money, but for now you can find a 2002 for nothing..but only if you look really hard and aren’t afraid of rust.  Find this 1970 BMW 2002 offered for $3,200 near Portland, OR via craigslist.

The 2002 market is booming, lead by the fuel injected and marginally faster Tii models, but anything with the classic round tail lights is making an end run to collectorsville. DT’s BMW 2002 market update (published in Jan 2014) showed that you don’t need to be a rich to pick one up.

This example needs some attention to the rust forming under chipped paint, but it has a 4-speed gearbox and a good running stock inline-4.  For $3,200 you really can’t ask for much more in a Roundie.

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