5k: Cab Forward: 1969 Chevrolet G10 Sportvan

The 2nd generation Chevrolet G-series Sportvan was a cab forward compact van that replaced the rear-engined Chevrolet Corvair Greenbrier in the small van segment.  The engine was located foward and under the driver and it allowed for a lower load floor in the back and the use of Chevy’s watercooled inline-6 and V8 engines – a much needed improvement in speed and hauling capacity over the aircooled flat-6 in the Greenbrier.  Find this 1969 Chevrolet G10 for sale in Angola, IN currently bidding for $5,200 with 5 days to go.

G10 Sportvans are available in all shapes and condition, but most tend toward the used/abused spectrum, probably because even in nice condition they aren’t worth much.  This is a good thing for someone in the market for a restored G10, but not what a restorer or current owner wants to hear.   They do offer an affordable van option that is frankly better in 99% of the ways you’d ever use it when compared to a VW Type 2 bus or Vanagon.  The G10 is powered by a Chevy 350 cubic inch (5.7 liter) V8 that should make something in excess of 300 horsepower and could melt the skinny rear tires in any gear. 

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