5k: Big Block Project: 1967 Mercury Cougar XR-7 GT 390

The Mercury Cougar is a coupe styled Mustang derivative that filled the gap in Ford’s lineup between the cheap youth oriented Mustang and the big bloated/expensive Thunderturd.  The XR-7 option trim sounded like some sort of space themed model, but in truth it was simply a luxury version, complete with wood trim, fancy interior and some badges.  Find this 1967 Mercury Cougar XR-7 GT 390 for sale in Mount Airy, MD currently bidding for $5,000 on ebay with a few hours to go.

We typically stay away from “barn find” projects because they will typically require more of your time/effort/money and we’d rather the previous owner spend his money on a restoration…but sometimes a tempting project shows up.  This 390 FE big block powered Cougar certainly qualifies as tempting and the buying price is only a fraction of the cost of getting it in good shape…but maybe you’ve got the time/energy/money/desire to build it yourself.  To the folks who consider the time in the garage as time well spent, then a simple restoration project on a cheap 390 Cougar would be worth the look.

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