5k: Best of the Worst: 1984 Chevrolet Caprice Classic

The third generation Chevrolet Caprice Classic was introduced in 1977 as a lighter and leaner version of the previous full sized Chevy sedan.  The reduction in weight was in response to fuel economy concerns but it brought with it a better vehicle the dynamic sense.  Unfortunately the Caprice is still a pretty horrible car to drive when compared to the cheap and depreciated German/Japanese sedans you can pickup from the mid 80s, but today’s example is not the average Caprice.  Find this 1984 Chevrolet Caprice Classic currently bidding for $5,700 reserve-not-met with 2 days to go.

This baby blue classic just screams grandpa car and the 33k miles on the odometer seem to be verified by the cream puff condition of the sedan….however…it is a 1984 Caprice Classic, so unless your idea of fun is getting a perm and working out to a Richard Simmons video, driving this thing will be a miserable experience.

Under the hood is a Chevy 305 V8, known as the unloved step child of the Chevy small block family and vehemently defended by a die-hard cadre of Miami residents — 305 for life yo! In the Caprice, the carburetor fed 305 is rated at 155 horsepower.  This engine bay is oiled up like it is ready for professional wrestling match, but otherwise looks in good shape.

An entire smurf village died to cover the seats, doors and floor in this malaise era boat, but the faux wood on the dash has the wackiest swirl pattern.  Compared to most Caprice Classics that I’ve been in (and they are typically in Junkyards…) this one is very nice.

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